The Radio Awards 2020 Winners

Announced digitally today in a live session, the 2020 Radio Awards displayed our dynamic talent in our ever-growing South African Radio landscape

Student Radio Network

Radio 1 on 1 : Supported by SRN

I am humbled to announce that “Radio 1 on 1: 25 of the Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting” has been supported by SRN. SRN’s mission statement states “SRN is an initiative set to revolutionize access to all the communities across South Africa. Encompassing a full turn around solution, clients are able to gain access to all mediums across the …

The Liberty Radio Awards 2019 – All the Winners

The 2019 Liberty Radio Awards was held last night at the Sandton Convention Centre, and all the hopefuls in the best of the best of South Africa’s radio industry attended. Lead by radio veteran Lance Rothschild, the team who organise all the logistics of the eventful and well-run evening, have to be congratulated firstly for their hard work, and secondly …