TUKS FM – A Marketing Wrap Up. It’s About Now.

This month I was invited to give a short workshop to the talented marketing team at TUKS FM.

TUKS FM is a community station that is well over three decades old (in fact close to four) and is known for its ingenuity and innovation as a strong radio player in the industry. Also, being home to many a big radio, TV, media professional – TUKS FM continues to bring constant pride and talent to the industry as a whole.

Here are a couple of points that came out of the workshop:

Understand that radio is still a traditional medium that plays in many spaces, like digital. But at the end of the day, your marketing and promotions must live on the platform where you are giving your listener need, and where you are able to grow that audience first and foremost. By this I mean that campaigns that run solely on digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are great, but have to have a tie in to something that is happening on air.

If you are looking for ideas, look no further than your station’s yearly calendar. Plan all campaigns that can and do run seasonally, in advance. Not only can you focus stronger attention to detail with these already successful and purposeful events and campaigns, but half of your creative year’s work is done for you.

• On the point of dates and times – have a look around at what your community is running and is invested in on a yearly basis and get yourself in there. Make the calls. Book the days. And pitch up ready to push your brand presence. Find out why these are important to your community and use your marketing machine to drive bigger throughput and results with these partner campaigns.

How to start with the blank page? Well. Teamwork. Encourage creativity through brainstorming (the oldest and most effective trick in the book) – and punt out a page full of (any) ideas that your team comes up with. Trace through each one-by-one and start knocking the better ones from the best of your ideas.

Do you know your brand well enough? Where is it right now? Where is it going? What does it want to achieve? Make sure you always touch base with your station manager so that you are all on the same page. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups, but, to act intentionally as if you know better than your brand does is brand suicide.

• To wrap up, let’s get back to your ideas. It’s simple. Inception. Implementation. Close Out. Let’s look at these more closely:

o Inception: This involves the creative process of not only coming up with an idea but mapping out the road plan for you to make it fly. Discuss things like, why are we doing this, what is the benefit for both the station and the listener, is it feasible, when is it feasible, and where would it have to take place to be feasible? Who are your stakeholders in this campaign? Are they on air? External parties? Part of your team? The list of questions goes on.

o Implementation: Make the calls. Draw up a responsibility matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Informed, and Consulted) – assign tasks accordingly. A fair amount of risk management is important here to get things moving in the correct way. Then get it done. If you need a budget, then it should be approved through the right channels. If you needed a space, you should confirm it. If you need on air resources, be it interviews, pieces, or show stop placements, then make sure the programme manager and production manager are always involved.

o Close Out: This is about getting all your ducks in a row, and then putting them to sleep. Sign off documents. Make payment. Archive receipts. And please, draw up a report of lessons learnt. You may have many, many other campaigns that are similar in nature and could save you a lot of time in the logistical nature of what is needed and perhaps even the correct people who need to do the job as effectively as it should be.

Til next time.

– Chris

For the love of radio

For the love of radio

Welcome back to a new facelift to my blogging, now bannered under “Chris Jordan Media”.  It’s all very exciting.  Independently rising amongst your own ranks is something to behold.

Let me explain if you are new to the site.  For quite some time now, in fact just over 3 years now, I left the commercial space in radio.  A bit of a lost soul, and having been in this situation before (a jock without a home) way back in 2007, I knew better this time.  You see, flashback to the first time I was a wandering broadcaster, to tell you the truth, I swore off doing radio, and tried to go back into what I had academically prepared myself for – which was Information Technology and Software Development.  While I was studying my BSc, I “fell” into radio in my third year at Tuks FM, and was, like most will tell you, bitten by a radio bug you can’t quite understand until you have that fever for wanting to put it beyond and before anything else you want to do in life.

Back to me wanting to quit the mic.  Well, it didn’t last long. Despite all efforts.  I had very good friends who believed in the work I had put out for just over 6 years at that point. They tracked me down, and although I responded literally kicking and screaming, convinced me to join a new and ground breaking mobile venture in radio they were starting.  I must add, that they were the only ones that did believe in my talent (myself excluded).  And that’s all I needed.  A love for radio.  A love for the radio I made.  A love for the radio I wanted to make.

Fast forward to a sense of self-confidence in what it is that one can offer the industry in ways only you can discover, not in ways a manager or a slot in a line up could define.  Where was my love for radio?

As much as I know I am a great broadcaster, a well-rounded professional that knows and can apply myself to various roles in the industry, this is what was important as I navigated through my next (and the next, and next after that) chapter in my career.

Career. That was a word I never understood until I did leave commercial radio just 3 years back. It’s a decision that after a decade of being in the industry – could only process as something I DID indeed want to do, for the rest of my life.  A self-sustaining, service driven, satisfying professional contribution to the industry I loved so much.  So that’s what I did.

I realised my biggest strength ran a thread around training and development. In teaching. In aiding. In building. In expanding and attracting knowledge to this industry.  And I wanted, and did, make peace with that.  I wrote books, taught seminars, lectured classes, started consulting and trained professionals of all walks of life in all platforms within media.  And I loved it.  Correction. I love it.

For the love of radio.  Here I am. With a media company of my own, that I have plans for. As I do for myself, and the industry I love.

— Chris

Chris Jordan Media launches for all the right reasons

Chris Jordan Media launches for all the right reasons

Learn more about the new collaborative independent company that focuses on the development of the radio broadcasting industry through consulting, e-Learning and more.

Author: CJM Editorial

Radio industry vet Chris Jordan has started a company to help shape and grow the radio broadcasting landscape through a variety of new ventures and projects. Chris Jordan Media, registered in 2017, focuses on creating opportunities for collaboration via key products and specialized services. The independent agency was started on the pillars of trust and integrity, with the hope that these values will filter through to each client and each project taken on board.

“I want to start pushing boundaries,” Managing Director Chris Jordan says. “Whether this is as part of consulting, training and development or in whichever venture we choose to tackle”. While largely focused on consulting, there is also a particular excitement about the growth of online learning in South Africa. e-Learning has in fact seen massive growth increases across the African continent, with Google recently revealing that they have been successful in educating one million young Africans as part of their 89 module online course promoting digital marketing skills development. Companies that are getting into the e-Learning space now are seen to be ahead of the curve and starting what looks to be an international shift in the global education model.

While still tight lipped on the subject, CJM has confirmed they will soon be launching a first series of online classes focused on radio training, in order to help shape a wide range of future and current broadcasters. Interested learners are encouraged to keep an eye on the Chris Jordan Media website and to subscribe to the company newsletter to learn more about when and where classes will be kicking off.

CJM hopes to eventually partner up with corporates in order to award bursaries to promising young people with big dreams across the broadcasting industry. This will be done in order to further develop radio skills and resources across the board. The company also wishes to provide existing and new products and services aligned with collaborators that share the same vision for awareness, development and exposure in the media industry.

“We’re taking things one day at a time,” Chris continues. “I’d like the company to grow steadily and organically into something that is sustainable in the long run. Being seen as a dependable industry leader with longevity five years from now would mean that we are on the right track and delivering on what we set out to do. It is and will always be a fluid process and I am looking forward to managing each obstacle along the way for the best possible outcome.”

Watch this space for big things from one of South Africa’s most promising new SME’s!