The Soundtrack of my Life – A 6 episode podcast series about the music that mended a lifetime

I am so happy to be sharing this super personal journey through my favorite medium in sound. I preach to media practitioners that I mentor and train, that they need to start narratives that no one has demanded, requested, or shown a direct need for – but rather pro-actively view the world around them, step in, and tell a story …

Disney Premiere Select: “Cruella”

It’s finally here! The long-awaited, much anticipated live-action release of “Cruella”, with Emma Stone taking the frontline of portraying (as voted) – The Evilest Disney Villain of all Time”. Thanks to Disney, I got to watch the film, and have a short, concise audio review for you here. Press Play! And indulge in the fabulousness. “CRUELLA” AUDIO REVIEW