Radio 1 on 1: 25 of the Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting


Welcome to the official page of my audiobook “Radio 1 on 1: 25 of the Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting”

This marks another milestone in my passion for both radio broadcasting and educating the next generation of broadcasters.

In PART 1, we will explore the beginning of your journey in this industry, and your career as a media practitioner.

In PART II, we dial it up a notch and focus on some aspects of programme management, sales, marketing, podcasts, and the war against the digital domain.

My aim, and hope, is to interact with as many aspiring, and seasonal broadcasters out there.  You are invited to comment and interact with any questions and comments on this page and look forward to some monthly Masterclasses right here.

Bookmark this page, and subscribe to download the full 26 episodes of PART I and PART II FREE.

Let’s start your journey together.  DARE TO BE GREAT.

“Radio 1-on-1” Testimonials

Rian van Heerden, Host of The Scenic Drive on Jacaranda Fm

Twitter: @RianVanHeerden

Instagram: rian.vanheerden

Catherine Grenfell, Producer at Audio Militia, Former Presenter at 5FM, Former Producer at 947

Masego Malete, Programme Manager at Madibeng FM

Radio 1-on-1: 25 Of The Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting PART I

CHAPTER 01: Introduction

CHAPTER 02: What is Radio?

CHAPTER 03: How do we define personality?

CHAPTER 04: A Word on Control

CHAPTER 05: The Gen-Necessary of Radio

CHAPTER 06: How to look for the right content

CHAPTER 07: What role does my voice play?

CHAPTER 08: What can I expect from my first time on air?

CHAPTER 09: What is my role as a broadcaster?

CHAPTER 10: What does it mean to have a career in Radio?

CHAPTER 11: How do I break into this industry?

CHAPTER 12: What is radio for you?

CHAPTER 13: What should be on a demo?

Radio 1-on-1: 25 Of The Most Asked Questions in Radio Broadcasting PART II

CHAPTER 14: You Don’t Care About Your Listener

CHAPTER 15: A Snapshot Into Station Culture

CHAPTER 16: What Does It Take To Market Your Radio Station?

CHAPTER 17: A Marketing Wrap-up, It’s About Now

CHAPTER 18: Monetizing Online Radio. Stop, Collaborate, and Digitally Listen

CHAPTER 19: Being Bigger Picture Oriented

CHAPTER 20: Understanding Risk Management in Your Radio Station

CHAPTER 21: What Are the Options for Radio in the Digital Age?

CHAPTER 22: What Is a P1 Listener, and Why Are They Important?

CHAPTER 23: The Role of Podcasts In the Next 10 Years

CHAPTER 24: What is Really Happening with Radio Over The Next Decade?

CHAPTER 25: Radio’s Biggest Challenges in Terrestrial Radio

CHAPTER 26: Radio’s Biggest Challenges in Internet Radio

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      Hi Vuyisa

      Thank you so much for the compliment. Am always appreciative and humbled by work that makes an impact on someone’s growth and prosperity


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      Hey Bongani

      The total size is about 43MB. Click the subscribe link at the top of the page and you can download PART 1 🙂

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      Hi Bongani

      You can download the full audiobook (110MB) by clicking the subscribe and download banner at the top of the page


  1. Hi there Chris Jordan
    I stumbled upon this blog, through an article of the Top5 Bankable Radio Presenters which featured Alan Khan. I want to just say thank you for imparting your radio wisdom and knowledge. Its amazing and i will applying these methods to my radio journey at Lotus FM SABC.

    1. Post

      Hey Dees

      I’m really happy to hear that. You’re on a greatr platform at a superb station. We share the love of the most beautfiul medium in the world
      Thank you. Humbled.


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