Listen Now: Discussing “The Art of Conversation” at ICON CGC ’18

I was lucky enough to be welcomed back as a panelist to ICON CGC this year. I was invited to speak on a specific topic, namely “The Art of Conversation”. The power of the spoken word in podcasting is now for everyone, including you. Creatives are everywhere. I encourage you to create a voiced almanac of your life – celebrate the …


Feedback from one of my students

[youtube=] Developing the youth remains a core focus for my business, and it is always great to get positive feedback about my work! I wanted to share a quick testimonial with you today, which reminded me why I love this industry. Watch this space: I’ll be working with more community stations in the months to come! — Chris

Next Entertainment: Pacific Rim Uprising Review

THE LOWDOWN In his directorial debut, Steven S. DeKnight with producer Guillermo Del Toro, bring you the second film in the Pacific Rim franchise. In 2035, ten years after the battle of the breach (also the setting for the first film), this movie follows Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, who makes a living selling and stealing Jaeger parts on …