Who’s Out There? A Religious Podcast Series in the Quest of Spiritual Warfare

My name is Chris Jordan, and welcome to another of my thought-provoking, progressive podcast series called “Who’s Out There”, a contribution to the world’s religious podcasts that add to the narrative of our faith.

A belief system is what grounds our idealistic view of self-actualization through the course of this life. Not only within our own internal battles but within those we fight around us. Talking about religion, with unlike-minded people is normally a cue for conflict, and that’s fine. Standing up for what you believe in. But are you defending? Or are you accepting? Why does there have to be an ultimatum drawn when sharing our spiritual practices? If you are a fan of a religious podcast, this one will add dimension to your spiritual awareness.

I am an Orthodox Christian, currently in the thick of the real foundation of my belief system. And I want to connect with the world and its people around me. So as this series grows, I will explore just exactly “Who’s Out There?”, from varied spiritual pacelines, asking the difficult questions, and challenging these contexts in faith, and I hope you join and enjoy this experience with me.

Episode 1 Part 1 – An Intro Conversation with Pantheist Activist Damon Leff

Please note that the recording quality is not that matched in a studio and over a Zoom virtual communication, again as a result of my guest being located in a different province.

In this arc of the series, I speak to Damon Leff, the founder of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance, a practicing pantheist who shares his worldview on natural religious practice.
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In Episode 1 PART 1, I have a Zoom conversation with Damon to first understand the semantics of witchcraft practice, to understand questions that revolve around individualistic claims to natural connection and empowerment, incantations versus affirmations, and where this “power” is intrinsic to personal gain. What is “magic”? and what a modern-day witch may look like.

Episode 1 Part 2 – Exploring the Defense in Pantheism with Damon Leff

Continuing my conversation with Pagan Activist Damon Leff, we start to delve into more personal aspects of his stand against religions like Christianity and we walk through questioning the ethos of Pantheism, any bridge toward Wicca, and ideally the self-serving ownership of operating in everyday life.

Episode 1 Part 3 – The Pantheistic Face-Off With The World with Damon Leff

Let’s close off this episode of my Zoom interview with Damon Leff, who heads the South African Pagan Rights Alliance.
Pagan beliefs are in a nutshell defined as “any religion that isn’t Christ-like in nature”
Where is the future of paganistic beliefs heading, and what is it that gets under Damon’s skin as an active pantheist in 2023?

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Episode 2 – Gay Is Not A Sin with Pastor Andre Muller And Theologian Professor Ernest Van Eck

In Episode 2, I have repurposed an interview that I conducted years ago, with Pastor Andre Muller and Theologian Professor Ernest Van Eck.

This is one of the best interactions I’ve had on air. I had a great conversation with these two men, answering the age-old question “Do homosexuals go to hell?”

The way “Bible bashing Christians” have driven away LGBTQI+ people from the steps of churches and the word of God, is appalling, And most of these rejections push one into the hands of Aethism, or another Pagan belief.

The hate against the LGBTQI+ community is something that intoxicates the global mindset. And preaching influencers like TD Jakes, and his openly fundamentalistic leadership with poisonous thoughts. Why do they even exist?

How do the different views of Christianity come together?

If you are someone who is looking for the foundation of Christian beliefs, start by listening to this episode.

Episode 3 Part 1 – African Spiritualism Post-Colonization with Film Producer Bowkid Mahlangu

On my road to researching religious sects here in South Africa, I made a stop at an African religious showcase out in Springbok Park in Hatfield, Pretoria.

In Episode 4, we will chat with African Healer Prof Lunga who was hosted at this event courtesy of Kara Ministries, but before releasing that episode, I wanted to touch base with Bowkid Mahlangu, a film and multimedia producer who was covering the get-together as part of his long-running projects spotlighting the stories within the ancestral experiences, the community opinions, and where exactly this hierarchy fits into the belief in the Christian God.

We together chat (along with a fellow passionate attendee), about the pragmatics of honoring forefathers, religious standing, and the taboo nature around “Dark Africa”

Episode 3 Part 2 – Getting The Narrative Correct: Where African Spirituality Fits into Christian Bias

IN PART 2, we clear up the subjective opinion of where African cultures have worked the Christian God into their faith and practices. Let’s dissolve the hypocrisy in African tradition. Customized religion is a threat to any belief system, and needs to be part of re-education across communities.
How does God exist within us, as a personal extension of Himself? African beliefs seek to fully conceptualize the pragmatic semantics of faith and are a great model of deity inclusion.

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Episode 4 – African Spiritual Healer Prof Lunga on Battlng the Spiritual Realm

On my road to researching religious sects here in South Africa, I made a stop at an African religious showcase out in Springbok Park in Hatfield, Pretoria.

In Episode 4, we will chat with African Healer Prof Lunga who was hosted at this event courtesy of Kara Ministries.

I had a short chat with him about being “called” as a spiritual healer, and what and who has he faced in battle within the spiritual realm.

Episode 5 Part 1 – 3 Christian Women in a Bible Study Round Table Conversation Collaboration

In this episode, I joined 3 Christian women, who are now way past their reborn Christianity and are unconditionally devoted to living by acting, walking, talking, and being “fully-fledged” believers.

In this part, we chat about internal hypocrisy and the clarity of being a reborn Christian, and we talk about the case of Jesus fans VS Jesus followers.

Episode 5 Part 2 – 3 Christian Women in a Bible Study Round Table Conversation Collaboration

In this part, let’s chat about the semantics of the Trinity, angels, other gods, some questions about The Book of Revelations, and the concept of eternal life. The Bible is very confusing, a centerpiece for timeless discussion.

Episode 5 Part 3 – 3 Christian Women in a Bible Study Round Table Conversation Collaboration

In this final part, we address the role and reality of Satan. Why is it important to know the difference between eternal “damnation” and eternal “life”? What is a living hell like? Why won’t the Bible acknowledge more presence and plight of Lucifer and his followers?
Then, we look at the practicality of evidence of a benevolent God, Jesus, and the Spirit that binds Christians to them all.

Episode 6 Part 1 – A Christian and a Satanist Walk Into a Bar…

As this series is first and foremost a spiritual journey for me, and my growing Christian belief system, it only made sense that I set out to find a vocal mouthpiece for (according to the Bible) the “opposing” side.
I was directed to Tristan Kapp, a loudly proactive Satanist, who happily sat down with me through this conversation where, quite literally, two worlds were to collide.

In this part, Tristan sets several Satanic records, straight. But in the process, moves towards setting many (in his words) “pseudo-Christian” norms, back from off the beaten track. He claims fascist behavior and elite marginality are propagated by the Christians of this country and world.

For more on Tristan, his social media, written and community work follow



Episode 6 Part 2 – A Christian and a Satanist Walk Into a Bar…

In Part 2, I ask Tristan to share his criticism of religions across the board from Islamic to Buddhist practices. We also delve further into the conversation of “so-called Christians” propagating sin without repercussions through absolutes.

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