The First Lady of Germiston: Life According to the Chaotic Order of Viv Vermaak

Welcome to a shockingly empowering new podcast series, “The First Lady of Germiston: Life According to the Chaotic Order of Viv Vermaak”.

Viv is an award-winning spokesperson and acclaimed journalist with a heightened sense of existence, with a raw, truthful, and poetic approach to living life while embracing the chaos that surrounds you.

In this mini-series, I seek to expose life, according to the chaotic order that Viv permeates, as she breaks open linear think-pieces like race, liberalism, reverse ubuntu, group-think, culture, and the literal sparks of the universe around us.

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“The 1st Ruling: Embrace the Chaos”

In episode 1, we take quite a road trip. Starting from the rooftop view of Germiston, Viv then takes me on a search for the most infamous export of this legacy town, that’s taken a new age beating. A ride to the house of serial killer Daisy de Melker.

Daisy Louisa C. de Melker, simply known as Daisy de Melker, was a South African nurse who poisoned two husbands with strychnine for their life insurance money; she also poisoned her only son with arsenic for reasons that are still unclear.

Driving around in her classic ’69 Chevrolet Impala, we run through Viv’s world views of equality, redefining racism, the decentralization of urban and suburban jungles to crime syndications, and the disempowerment of oneself through order within chaos.

“The 2nd Ruling: Embrace the Addiction”

In episode 2, Viv shares her raw journey of coming face-to-face with her life as an addict. Like most addicts, her change arose out of a health spiral, but staying on the road to sobriety was a psychological battle that challenged the norms of recovery. Viv is still working at becoming a being in her universe, which gains strength through scientific understanding first, and secondly, psycho-semantics of what chaos and destruction addiction has brought in her own life, and in that of others.

“The 3rd Ruling: Embrace the Emancipation”

Viv does not believe that anyone is unique or special. There is a method to her motivation. But I do not agree. Enjoy the conversation that is thrown about in episode 3. Is individualism a fabrication of narcissists? Is freedom of thought fiction?

“The 4th Ruling: Embrace Reverse-Ubuntu”

In Episode 4, I go head-to-head with Viv’s reality of “Reverse-Ubuntu”, the approach of segregating beyond the surface levels of race lines in South Africa, to get a job done.
Viv does not mince words. She sheds new light on views of White privilege versus Black narratives, drops the whole approach, and lifts a color mantel of red, blue, and yellow – where everyone is classed according to action and reaction.

“The 5th Ruling: Embrace Dis-Motivation”

Viv wants to send the world the message: You are average. The sooner you accept this reality, the better life you will lead. Over-inflated motivation is a human farce, and Viv has all the answers to a world that is meaningful in the harshest of ways.

An On-Air Special: Viv talks “Dis-Motivation” on 91.9FM

We got a chance to chat with Viv on air at 919 (91,9FM) with hosts Chris Jordan and Danae Gucci Lakay as we explore the movement of “Dis-Motivation” for the masses.

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