Coffee with Convicts – A Mini-Series That Goes Beyond The Prison Gates

Welcome to this podcast mini-series, I’ve wanted to bring to you for quite some time and it is finally here for its fruition. “Coffee with Convicts” introduces 3 ex-convicts Thabo, Vincent, and Alpheus who have cumulatively served sentences of 42 years and are now together running an NGO that brings the teachings of African Spiritualism to inmates here around South Africa. We all sat down to have coffee and breakfast, to chat about their experiences before, during, and after life behind prison walls.

IN PART 2: We chat about the violent and cut-throat decisions made behind prison walls, and what it took for the guys to retain a relationship with people they loved, and hurt on the outside.

IN PART 3: We get down to the questions everyone wants answers to.
How does a criminal detach from killing someone?
Is there an organized crime order?
How are teams built?
How are crimes planned?
Why do criminals rape and kill when only theft is necessary?

PART 4 goes past the prison gates… and puts together the pieces of the right to continue doing wrong.
Where do the wardens fit into the organized line of gangsta power?
How does the devotion to different criminal sects apply within your sentence but also to your life outside the prison as a committed gangster?

PART 5 we ask why not shift back into crime once you have done your time and found that an existing world does not welcome ex-convicts? And then so have any reason to move to a spiritualistic lease in life?

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