How to start a Radio Broadcasting Career with Kaya FM

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to Joburg’s top Afropolitan station, Kaya FM 95.9. My group of radio students took a tour of the station and essentially had the full attention of the programming head, promotions department, and news editor, all of which engaged in interesting conversations with them about the industry they are busy learning about in my lectures.

Feeling like something special was busy going down, I decided to take some videos of one of the conversations, and this one, in particular, stood out for me, as it answers the burning question of how to look at a career in radio broadcasting, jingle development as well as the ethics and pressures of being in a newsroom. Have a listen below:

To learn more about Kaya FM, make sure you visit their official website at

– Chris

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      Hi Doctor

      I would strongly recommend you apply at your nearest feeder area community station first to learn and grow through the craft. While doing that, expand your knowledge by reading books or listening to audiobooks on the subject matter, start your own podcast series, set a brand overhaul across all your social medias, and then go for gold.

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        HEy Nokwanda

        I would expand my skillset around creating and sourcing news stories as well delving into sports and talk radio (especially since Kaya is big on independent podcasts by its staff.

    2. Maybe start by working on your spelling 1st it is Kaya FM not Khaya, it is rude to mispronounce and to mispel .Just an advice

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  1. Hi,

    I would like start start a career here at Kaya Fm as i was hosting the show with Bondo Ntuli on the 27 January 2020. I am still Interested with this career and i would like to serve the community with pride and joy.


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      Hi Collen

      First of all, congrats on hosting with Bondo. I would strongly suggest starting at a community station (if you haven’t already) and making your mistakes while growing there. Then enter the commercial world of radio like Kaya as a force to be reckoned with and an asset to the community

  2. hi

    I am currently working at a community radio station , Zibonele FM. I work as a news reporter , I would like to start a career here at Kaya Fm. how can one apply to be part of the team

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      Hi Zoliwe

      First of all, congrats on your contribution to the industry. Create a demo that features both your news and sports presenting skills. Kaya would be looking for journalistic skills, so feature stories that you have sourced yourself instead of using your News24 etc feeds. Include both a lifestyle and a “hard-hitting” current affairs interview on the demo to showcase you can excel in the field. Contact the HR department at Kaya and ask for the correct contact person to send your demo to. Also, build your online profile to add value to your CV – it will be worth it 🙂

  3. hi

    I am currently working at a community radio station , Zibonele FM. I work as a news reporter , I would like to start a career here at Kaya Fm. how can one apply to be part of the team.

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      Hi Zoliwe

      I’m sorry for the incredibly late response to this.
      Contact Kaya FM directly through their HR department or find their details on the Kaya FM website.
      Make sure that your CV is updated and current. If you want to apply for a continued on-air position you must include a demo of your journalistic endeavors


      Full News Bulletin (2 local,2 international, 1 tail ender, weather, traffic, financial indicators)
      Full Sports Bulletin (At least 3 stories)
      1 lifestyle interview piece
      1 current affairs interview piece

      Make sure you also have a current online presence that highlights your professional work on community radio.

      And Good luck!


    2. Good day

      My name is Kefentse Dlamini I wanted to enquire if there’s any way I could job shadow as anything on your radio station. I have previous experience from TUKS FM community radio station as a radio presenter

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        Hey Kefentse

        Job shadowing is something that every commercial station welcomes. Contact Kaya directly and request a day to shadow the shows. Also, beef up that demo and online presence. Have you done any tv work? That will help your YouTube Channel and will impress them.

  4. Hi
    My name is seun valentine kheswa
    Im interested in radio presenting.
    Since from my younger days,I was into Radio since then till now
    And my favourite is to present jazz blues and soul on a beautiful sunday

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      Hi Seun

      My advice is to look at applying to a local community station first in your area. Their mandate is to train and service their community and you will receive great experience there. Check out the skills that are required to be a strong on-air presenter, start a podcast, be active on social media, and these tools will certainly help you on your way.

      Good luck

      1. Good afternoon

        My name is Asemahle Cwayela and I’m a journalism student at Tshwane university of Technology, Pretoria
        I would like to ask how can I get an internship at Kaya FM ?
        I am an aspiring sports journalist)Presenter abd currently I’m working as a Jnr journalist at Eastern Cape daily news paper (I write sports-based articles)
        I’m asking this because on my 3rd year I have to do an internship before I graduate.
        Thank you

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          Hi Asemahle

          Hope you are doing well. Your experience is vital, so well done in putting in those hours to achieve your goal and be a better practitioner. To acquire an internship, you have to go through the HR department. Last I checked, Kaya started opening their doors again to learners and new faces, after this two-year COVID run. I am very familiar with your current process (also lecturing my final year students in radio)
          I would recommend applying to a number of other stations, as experience is experience, and can only do you well in your goals moving ahead


  5. Good day, my name is Sentle and I would love to join the khaya fm family as one of their on air host, I have worked for couple community radio stations to aquire radio skills and I believe I am ready to come show case what I have, please if i can just be given an opportunity to show case what I have ,I would be so happy.

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      Hi George

      Thanks for the comment.
      Ok. So your work at community is a major advantage. Have you got a demo ready? I would be happy to showcase you. Make sure that your demo has ONLY the best of the best of what you can offer.
      Have a listen to the chapter on demos in my audiobook Radio 1 on 1 found here on the site.
      And we can go from there.

      Also be sure that your online presence is updated and up to scratch, where you are creating great and conversations on all your social media platforms.
      Show Kaya FM, that you are not be missed out on.

      You can mail me too when you are ready


      1. Isaac Pule

        Hi Chris

        My name is Isaac Pule I’m a sound engineer with 3 years experience in live sound. I would love to work for Kaya fm as a sound engineer.

        I would love to do the recording, promo, jingles and drops. I have once apply a vacancy at Kaya fm as a audio technician but my application was unsuccessful. I’m not going give up easily.

        Working for Kaya fm is one of my biggest dream. I’m willing to take any opportunity to achieve my goals.

        I would like appreciate your help.

        Kindly regards

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          Hey Isaac

          Thanks for connecting!
          Your attitude is on point – that is a great achievement, especially within the trials and tribulations of 2021.
          At this point, I can offer you a little direction.

          First. You have to build a current portfolio if you haven’t already. Refresh your demo with new edits of a whole brand package (ids, jingles, banners etc), then also include originally scripted 30″spots. Vary them in the hard, soft sell, role play, conversational, and so on. If you need a full reference there are many free downloads available in your Google searches.

          I would also include a well-produced podcast. Particularly a documentary format, that showcases how your editing skills in enriching storytelling.
          Create a landing page like I have and upload your content there with your standardized brand.

          This will definitely impress future possible employers.


    2. Hi Guys please help with the information , ever since I was young it was allways my dream to become a radio presenter but now I don’t know where to start . I only have grade 12 and I would like to start in local radio stations

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        Hi Mfuneko

        Don’t worry too much about qualifications. Applying to a community station is easier than you think. Of course, you can expect a grilling interview.
        You have to show the programme or station manager that you are active within the media space, and to do that, you must use social media as a platform for
        creating content – like YouTube videos, teasers or monologues on Instagram, and content with creative purpose on Twitter and a Facebook fanpage.

        This will help a lot in your run to being accepted to a community station.


  6. Good Day Chris,

    I was working for a community radio station, Mams FM, started as a Receptionist for a year then promoted to be a Marketing & Sales Manager for 3 years assisting again with Business Development and planning events for the station until 2016.

    I would like to get back in the industry and would like to join Kaya FM – is there any vacancies currently? I am prepared to start as an assistant.

    Thank you

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      Hi Pearl

      Your experience is to your advantage. The best way to move forward is to contact or call them directly to see who you can forward our CV to and place your case. I’m sure you will be welcomed with a response and some direction


  7. Tshehofatso Megan Chauke Adonis
    28 years of age
    Disability/ability: Blind
    Disabilty rights activist and motivational speaker
    Founder of disabled women living with dignity
    chairperson of moshate for abused men and boys
    Executive Gender officer in the unisa tshwane regional forum for students with disabilities

    I started and completed my primary education at Waterkloof Primary School and went to further my studies at Pretoria High School for Girls, where I matriculated. After Matric, I stayed in Cape Town for a little while. Upon my return to Pretoria, I reconnected with old friends and made a few new ones,during this time I met my now husband Skhumbuzo Adonis. As time went by I decided to further my studies and therefore registered at UNISA, where I studied BA Political Science. It was during this period where life took an unfortunate turn and I began losing my eyesight. Doctors were unable to find the cause, thus resulting in the deterioration of my eyesight. Before I knew it the deterioration was drastic and I could no longer function the way I had before. The year 2015 was a bit of a traumatic one for me, as I was in and out of hospitals for weeks on end, being poked and prodded in different parts of my body to find a cause, but to no avail. All of this brought about depression and severe anxiety as I couldn’t cope and understand why this was happening to me. To make matters worse, I began losing the trail of friends I had made, in hopes that they were long lasting. Luckily for me I had my family, my husband and friends, who didn’t need to benefit from my sight and truly knew the meaning of friendship, supporting me throughout. I was finally diagnosed with Endocranial Hypertention (build up of fluids causing pressure around the brain). It was during this time I started losing my confidence and sense of self, constantly asking, “WHO IS MEAGAN CHAUKE?” In the same year, I discovered I was pregnant and feared the worst. “How would I raise my son without my sight?” This was my first time being a mom and I would never see him enter this world. I wouldn’t see his first smile or first steps. I was going to miss a lot of firsts. My son was born in 2016 and all of those thoughts disappeared, but then came the reality that I would be raising my son without sight. It is through self introspection and the birth of my son that I realized that my eyesight doesn’t define me. My son is such blessing in my life. My family, in-laws and husband kept me strong and them being there for me is what made me overcome this challenge. With gaining my confidence and stepping out into the world, I noticed that persons with disabilities are very much marginalised in all spaces (social spaces, work spaces, economic spaces and etc). Through my own personal experiences and interaction with persons with disabilities, I saw a need for me to open an organisation. It took me some time as I was gathering myself, gathering my strength and also mentally preparing myself for this journey that I was going to go on. I enrolled at National Council for the blind (Optima College) where I had to equip myself and then go back to continue my studies with UNISA. With this I also saw a need in the educational space for advocacy to take place. I also became more aware of disability as a whole and the injustices faced by persons with disabilities and also the need for structures to be in existence, to advocate and amplify the voices of persons with disabilities, in order for them to be socially integrated and for equal opportunities to be created. Upon my interaction with different people with disabilities, I saw the need for advocacy and intervention to take place. I was then motivated to start this organisation, DWLD, which is for women with disabilities, but overall I saw that this organisation will stand and advocate for all persons with disabilities. We would then advocate in whatever aspect that was required and requested by our members. This is where I have found my passion and true calling, using my voice to encourage, motivate and inspire change. I have made it a point to join committees, organisations and structures that advocate for persons with disabilities. With me taking these steps, I am hoping to educate society, breakdown societal barriers and stigma around disability and in the long run, see a disability inclusive South Africa.
    A mother ,a daughter ,a sister ,a wife and a friend to many

    I am blind,i am proud,i am resilient and i am powerful

    1. Post

      Hi Tshehofatso

      What an inspiring life story, and an immensely commendable journey you have taken.
      I am happy to share this on my social media and perhaps write a post with your permission.
      Tell me what you need from people out there. Philanthropy is an admirable task and hopefully, I can assist in yours.


  8. Hi,
    The past few years I joined two commmunity radio stations as a news anchor and receptionist. Later I became a sports writer for two online magazines and sports newspaper.
    I’ve always wanted to be part of Kaya FM team as a sports presenter or news anchor. Could you please kindly advise what to do?

    1. Post
        Hi Thando

        Congrats on your accomplishments so far. If you want to approach a privatized station such as Kaya, you have to show the program manager that you can create and write your own stories as a journalist. Now you’ve done that in your online work, again well done, submit your CV to the HR Department, with links to your sources and a full-bodied news demo (include a lifestyle and current affairs 3 min interview).

        I believe you have a great shot!
        Good luck


  9. I love Kaya fm , I really do I have watched skhumba via YouTube all the years of my academic life ,he was the one who taken academic stress away. I enjoyed many shows with skhumba ,especially via you tube I am a big fan . I think skhumba got the magic for radio , unfortunately, I watched skhumba I never had a chance to just listen others shows, my be I also need to same day ,listening all shows by others as well.

    1. Post

      Hi Simphiwe

      I appreciate your support and love for Skhumba. What’s great about teaming him up with Thomas is that they are and offer two really extreme unique values to the show. Skhumba can maintain his comedic edge while Thomas can bring the show together with his professional radio experience.
      I’m a big Kaya fan, so I’m a little biased 😀
      The whole lineup is great


  10. Good day
    I’m a 21 year old who’s had a love for radio presenting for a very long time. I’m currently based In Nelspruit and I’ve been emailing local radio stations asking for mentorship and guidance in anyway possible. Please may you give me on how I can get there attention or another way I can go on about this.

    1. Post

      Hey Lwandiswa

      Thanks for reaching out.
      I don’t know much about your background in perhaps media studies, but don’t think that it’s important for you to follow your goals. Emailing most of the time, unfortunately, gets lost in transit in communication these days. If you can take a visit to each of these stations and approach them directly for more information that would definitely give you more perspective.

      In 2021, stations do look at how active and creatively brilliant you are in using your social mediums, as well in developing content for podcasts and vodcasts on YouTube. Fill up these platforms with a display of creative talent and polish up your CV.

      Good luck!
      I’m sure your hunger for this dream will pay off.


  11. Good day.
    I’m nolwandle sibiya, i would like to join your marketing team at Khaya FM. i also have a qualification in marketing and have experience in sales.

    1. Post
  12. Hi
    My Name is Tshepo George Silembe
    And i would like to join, your music compilation team.

    So i would like to know , what are the necessary qualifications or skills do i need to have in order to make part of the team?

    Thank you very much

    Kind Regards: Tshepo George Silembe

    1. Post

      Hi Tshepo

      My company is focused on training and innovation. If you would like to further your career in music compilation you would have to either go to RCS site and sign up for one of their workshops, or alternatively your community station or commercial station that you belong to will train you in it.

      Best of luck!

  13. Hi My name is Bonga

    I Hope this email finds you well

    I am a sport presenter in one of community radio over 5 years experience and working at Hollywoodbets currently studying sport management and I would like to join Khaya fm

    Can I please have your advice what can I do.

    Thank you

    1. Post

      Hi Bonga

      First, congrats on your achievements! Your experience and efforts will get you far.
      I would recommend some must do’s:

      1. Refresh your demo. It must include a well-bodied bulletin extended with soundbytes and fixtures. It must include an interview that is sports-centric, and a report from a live sporting event.
      2. Polish up your socials. Include content of videos where you create content around the sporting space. Keep your posts on Instagram etc purposeful (in-line with your expertise as a sports aficionado) and up to date/current/active
      3. Polish up your CV, and submit it along with links to all these resources, and your sound demo.

      Good luck!

  14. My name is Nobantu Yolanda Nkosi from mpumalanga i studied acting and monologues aswell as voice overs from the market theater laboratory and SANS group and have voice over training. I every time i go for acting auditions i am told of how i should go for radio even my lectures when i studying acting told me to look into radio broadcasting cause i have what it takes. Can i please have the opportunity to do job shadowing at Khaya fm please assist me on how to go about it.

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