“The 15-Year Journal” – A 6-Part Episode Podcast Series. Brave the Darkness

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 1 “The Ignorant Believer”

Why is it that we as intellectual beings, strive to attack someone first on their belief system? My 1st journal entry was about eventually deciding to take a leap of faith by questioning my own stand on religion so that I could be a better being in this universe.

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 2 “Compromise, Compromise, Compromise”

The definition of “Compromise” is as follows

an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
“Eventually they reached a compromise”

halfway house
middle ground
middle course
happy medium
modus vivendi
give and take
the expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable.
“sexism should be tackled without compromise”
settle a dispute by mutual concession.
“in the end, we compromised and deferred the issue”

meet each other halfway
find the middle ground
come to terms
come to an understanding
make a deal
make concessions
find a happy medium
strike a balance
give and take
split the difference

expediently accept standards that are lower than desirable.
“We were not prepared to compromise on safety”

It’s time to STOP confusing the definition of compromise, and comprising oneself.

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 3 “New Year’s REVOLUTION”

Making resolutions on the yearly is pointless. Life isn’t dictated by 365 passing days. Resolutions muzzle growth. And achievement in intangible growth happens over your own cycle. This episode is about building a new perspective and approach to setting goals and achieving them in the best possible way for yourself.

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 4 “Rain, a Personal Poetic Justice”

I’ve always liked the peaceful comfort that rain provides to a lonely soul. The aspect of cleansing one’s chaos, in the company of perfect white noise – will always be one of the most blessed gifts this world has to offer me.
Constrain your own chaos behind proverbial four walls, with the white noise that you require to do YOU. So that you can walk out the front door giving yourself the best chance at a better day.

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 5 “Brave The Darkness. A Letter to My Sister”

To brave your darkest hours, and to own those moments without shame or self-condemnation – defines organic, the real owner of your own strength and love for your entire being.

In this episode, I’m going to quote some key parts I noted to my sister in this journal entry. And some of her responses. Perhaps some resonate with you. And the way my sister helped me, could help you.

The 15-Year Journal – Episode 6 “The Reality of Granting Yourself Great Power”

It’s time to close up this journey with a couple of key points to stepping forward for yourself. Great power resides only from within, as you lock closer into who you are and why you need to be here. Grant yourself access to the gift of self-love and a life worth you living it.

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