How to Start Your 1st Podcast?

@ComicConAfricaOfficial  hosted me this year with a session on “Geek Podcasting” on the 23rd of September 2023, at 11 a.m. in the Artist Alley.

Through the next couple of videos, I will be adding some precursor tips and techniques to get you informed, empowered, and ready to roll with your 1st (or current) podcast journey. This video covers how to hack into organic self-confidence so that you can tell the best stories you want to tell.

In this episode let’s chat the duration for each episode you launch. And why your editing is important for this final outcome.

In this episode let’s chat about the hook. And how important it is to start strong in a podcast. Avoid being 1. Repetitive 2. Predictable 3. Boring 4. Long-winded

In this episode let’s chat about reclaiming your ability to carry a natural conversation. You might think you know how to do this, but deeply bred in the digital era – people have no capacity for much more than surface-level dialogue. We also don’t know how to listen to another person anymore. We just make statements. And so the death of building our own rich understanding of the world around us has come to fruition.

In this episode let’s chat about how to carry a conversation using the “15 Minutes of Fame” Approach. To practice your skill for holding a conversation, go up to anyone you don’t know, and aim to have a 10 to 15-minute conversation with them. Start by asking THEM about who they are, what they do, why they are here (or there or anywhere), and so on. While you listen, use follow-up questions to reach a rich level of communication. Then. Move onto the next person!

Podcasting has become yet another cattle call for celebs to saturate the space. And their presence, as well as the immediate brainwashed effect of the global consumer – has allowed a perspective that only they have great stories to tell. Podcasting is supposed to be a platform for ANYONE, of any caliber, of any background, status, or identity – to finally share THEIR stories. And be heard. Tune out of the commercial narrative of the podcasting space. And make your PASSION, a PASSION project. The world is waiting.

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LET ME COACH YOU as you create your own podcast series :

Interested in starting a podcast for your organization?

Having over 13 years in podcasting, Chris Jordan Media can assist you in

  1.  Developing a concept structure for your business podcasting strategy
  2. Training you in the construction of company content including sub-series that will create communication channels for departments and special projects
  3. Assist you in understanding the dynamic you are creating as a conduit to open conversation between your workers and your management team
  4. Assist you in equipment handling, editing, and distribution


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