How do I get my career in radio started?

A Word on YOUR Q&A

As of the launch date of this site and my company, Chris Jordan Media, earlier this year, I have received a great number of queries and engagements from people who seek assistance and the correct guidance regarding how to start building a career in radio.

I firstly want to take a moment to say thank you for putting your trust in my knowledge and I am happy to take this journey with you.

As a result of all your messages, I have paraphrased a couple of the most frequently asked questions that have come through, and provided an answer to each that will help others out there reading this.

These questions will be featured in a five post series – this being the first in the series – so keep an eye on my Facebook page or blog over the next few weeks to make sure you don’t miss out on these tips to help you crack into the industry if it is your passion to do so!

So, how do I get my career in radio started?

Before you get started, you should decide what it is that you want to do. I say this because Programme Managers don’t like prospective employees coming in for interviews that don’t have a clear idea about what it is that they can offer the industry.

Identifying your strengths are in line with identifying your passion. If you are passionate about something you are more likely to offer a PM a stronger product or service. How do you figure this out? Well. Let me firstly state that I understand it is difficult to know what you want to do, when you not quite sure yet whether you have the correct point of reference. So, here’s the kicker, start talking to people in the industry.

Visit radio stations in your area to get a better idea as to what it is they do there. Research literature around broadcasting. Perhaps take up a short course in radio to find your learned perspective about what it is that you want to do. Radio has grown and grown in terms of the career opportunities that exist within this field.

Educate yourself. Find out more. Do your thing.

Find out more

To learn more, have a look at my book, A Word on Radio, available here or via Amazon Kindle. Also feel free to contact me for training bookings and consulting sessions over here.

In our next post, I will be tackling the often dreaded question, But is it too late to start a career in radio?

Until then, look after yourself and others.

– Chris



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