How do I go about getting exposure in the radio industry?

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As of the launch date of this site and my company, Chris Jordan Media, earlier this year, I have received a great number of queries and engagements from people who seek assistance and the correct guidance regarding how to start building a career in radio.

As a result of all your messages, I have paraphrased a couple of the most frequently asked questions that have come through, and provided an answer to each that will help others out there reading this.

These questions are being featured in a five post series – this being the third in the series – so keep an eye on my Facebook page or blog to make sure you don’t miss out on these tips to help you crack into the industry if it is your passion to do so!

So, how do I go about getting exposure in the radio industry?

The term “exposure” is relative. If your aim is to be ‘famous’, then you are doing this for the wrong reasons completely.

You are a public servant of sorts. A conduit between the world and your listener. Becoming well-known is an obvious side-effect of being on a public forum, but that, again, should not be your focus or main concern. In another context, “exposure” in the industry is self-made. We have already moved into an era where you must have presence. You must be actively engaging with an obligation to creating content and voicing yours and other’s view and opinions on the world around you.

Through the power of social media, you have no excuse but to make yourself available, and connected. With the power in knowledge of base technology, you have no excuse but to be creating podcasts that are clean and easily edited from a simple void recording. If you can take a selfie, or a record yourself with mates on Facebook live – you should be able to create stories on Instagram by snapping with a creative purpose, and go live with a short video broadcast of you at an event on Facebook live, alternatively posting on YouTube and getting those views onwards and upwards.

Creative directors and industry elite are masters of the world around them. If you want exposure, expose yourself. So that others can see you, and what it is that you can do. Don’t sell yourself short. If people are YouTube-ing squirrels that dance, they can and will watch something cool and interesting you should give them.

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In our next post, I will be looking at overcoming your fears, if you consider yourself to be someone without a radio voice.

Until then, lets make Tuesday a special one!

– Chris

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