“Corporate Podcasting”… Why Your Company Needs this Profit, Now.

“Podcast” and “Revenue” are together known in popular opinion, for not having anything in common…

If you’re like most companies, you struggle to keep your employees engaged. A study by Deloitte University Press found that 87% of organizations cite engagement as one of their top challenges. That explains why 3 out of 4 employees are open to or looking for a new job.

Poor engagement usually stems from poor communication. Employees often lack a connection with leadership, the company mission, or other employees.

An internal corporate podcast is a powerful way to create this line of communication. It’s more personal than a memo and less expensive and time-consuming than a video.

What is a Corporate Podcast & How Does it Work?

A corporate podcast (sometimes called a company podcast or internal podcast) is a podcast designed for the employees at your company. Someone in your organization would be tasked with producing regular episodes. Team members subscribe to the show and listen via your website (with podcast pages) or a podcast listening app.

In some cases, corporate podcasts are private. A private podcast is locked behind a password-protected RSS feed. Each listener needs a password to subscribe to your show.

The goal of a company podcast is to deliver important information to employees, teach them how to be successful and create engagement among the members of your organization. You can publish anything you want, including:

•            Make announcements.

•            Notify employees about deadlines.

•            Promote upcoming events.

•            Build culture by sharing stories.

•            Provide updates on company strategies and goals.

•            Teach valuable skills (e.g. time management).

•            Interview team members or stakeholders.

•            Distribute onboarding information.

That said, keep in mind that a company podcast is for the employees. Don’t fill it with corporate buzzwords, policy updates, and standard operating procedures. That’s boring. Provide high-quality content that matters to your audience. They want personal stories of success and failure, meaningful lessons, and genuine human interactions.

What Companies Use Internal Corporate Podcasts?

Is an internal corporate podcast right for your organization? Consider starting one if you fall into any of these categories:

•            Organizations with lots of employees, especially if you have thousands.

•            Companies that rapidly growing by adding new employees on a regular basis.

•            Organizations that need to address nuanced issues.

•            Companies who are looking to build a deliberate culture.           

Tell Me Why by American Airlines is a great example of a company podcast. It’s hosted by Ron DeFeo, the company’s Vice President of Global Communications. They publish five to ten and it publishes a few 5–10 minute episodes each month for the company’s 122,000 employees. They explain company policies and changes, announce new initiatives, and share employee stories.

“Tell Me Why,” a corporate podcast by American Airlines

The best way to determine if a corporate podcast is right for your organization is to ask your workforce. Use an anonymous survey to learn if your team is willing to listen to episodes.

Interested in starting a podcast for your organization?

Having over 13 years in podcasting, Chris Jordan Media can assist you in

  1.  Developing a concept structure for your business podcasting strategy
  2. Training you in the construction of company content including sub-series that will create communication channels for departments and special projects
  3. Assist you in understanding the dynamic you are creating as a conduit to open conversation between your workers and your management team
  4. Assist you in equipment handling, editing, and distribution


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