A career in radio: Is it just another job?


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As of the launch date of this site and my company, Chris Jordan Media, earlier this year, I have received a great number of queries and engagements from people who seek assistance and the correct guidance regarding how to start building a career in radio.

As a result of all your messages, I have paraphrased a couple of the most frequently asked questions that have come through, and provided an answer to each that will help others out there reading this.

These questions are being featured in a five post series – and this is the final post in the series. See the blog section of the website for the other posts and for insights into similar questions to the one below.

So, Is it just another job?

Yes. And no. Yes. It is a job, but more so, like all jobs, you need to see it as a career.

The moment you don’t have your eye on a 40 year long prize, this is going to be a very difficult path for you to take. It already is difficult enough working in a craft based industry, where your skills are very specific and cannot cross pollinate you to other sectors with as much ease as someone in finance can.

So, don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Here, in South Africa, our radio industry is small, which means that working at a radio station is a coveted position. And there is a very, very long queue of others waiting outside the front doors just waiting to get in. I am not selling you paranoia, just reality. Where what the field of Information Technology does for a growing work force is what radio cannot do realistically for all those hopefuls popping up ‘off the street’ or graduating from varsity.

So, no, it isn’t just like any other job. It is specific. And niche. And beautiful. And wonderful. And so, is quite special. Make the 40-year plan, and aim to become a connoisseur of the medium. A professional that contributes to the industry, instead of just taking up space. As someone else could, and will fill that space up just as easily.

Gain further insights into the radio field

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Until then, I”ll catch you for the next post series, and have a wonderful festive season.

– Chris

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