NCRW Snap Blog Day 2: Learnings from National Community Radio Week

We are in full momentum at National Community Radio Week, and the Marketing Managers are showing off the skills. Acting out a promotional mechanic is about the best way to identify pitfalls both on and off air. From charity to scandal and gossip, promotions butter your bread on both sides. Here are some pointers from today.

1. For a promotion to work you have to get into your listener’s head. Engage them emotively and your win is guaranteed. Why do you need to upskill yourself with a short course at Boston City Campus? Are you craving KFC at half the price? Is what you need this weekend a fantastical shopping experience at the new mall in Alex? As yourself questions that have a “yes” response alone, and pitch for that.

2. Listener’s must win. No great radio has ever created “losing” on air moments. Make your competitions easy and broad, so that passive listeners can turn to active listeners, and creating great winning on air moments.

3. Listen to your client. Ask questions that engage their lives, their product, their service – immediately. A client likes to talk about themselves (like every one else does). They DON’T like listening to you and how great your station is. If they want to know, they will ask.

4. When writing copy – Google it. Products and services will elude you. If you haven’t already sourced what you need from your client, Google it anyway. The more insight you get, the better.

5. Clear your mind. Old practices that haven’t worked, won’t work again. So get a fresh start on approaching your advertising. Re-evaluate the station’s position, it’s goals and objectives, and where it is that you want the station to go. Bring this ethos into how you deal with clients, meet a listener’s needs, and motivate your way forward.

That’s all for today.


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