NCRW Snap Blog Day 1: Marketing Your Radio Station

Sigh. That is one of relief. Day 1 behind us and all is well. Sitting in front of an odd 50 Radio Marketing Managers today we covered a lot of bases.

So what does it take to market your radio station?

Well, we are addressing community stations so I will limit my comments to the context at hand.

  1. A programmatic approach to what is needed to market is key for any media marketing practitioner to do their job properly. So have an ear for radio. Understand the mechanics. Know the on air pitfalls, and you are on your way.
  2. How well do you know the demographic of your listener? You can’t market a product or service to a sketchy view of a listener profile. Redefine this, and start from scratch if necessary. A fresh profile every year is standard to know what sits at the emotional connect of your listener. As they change, so will their needs.
  3. When in a meeting with a potential client, find out what their expectations are from advertising on your station. Work out a realistic action plan and work backwards from that goal so that you are not on the back foot when it comes to assessing quality control and their return on investment.
  4. It is better to have a year full of advertising and revenue that comes from customer retention then from multiple single held accounts. One, it shows that your station has satisfied a customer’s needs, and two, it assists you in managing quality control within your customer relations with ongoing sales accounts.
  5. Product placement is everything. Just because you make a sale in certain spots through the day, make sure they are placed per product to match which listener is listening at what time doing whatever they are doing to optimise the likelihood that they will respond to that product or service that is being marketed.

That’s all for now!


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