MXXL Live 91.0 Snap Blog: Effecting change in an exciting new environment

So this week I have been consulting at a station called MXXL Live 91.0 in the capital city of Lesotho, Maseru.

Walking into a station culture and expected to bring about change and development is quite the tall order – and this is my first commercial station client, so things have been, well, exciting.

A few things I want to bring to one’s attention when looking at station culture and how to be an effective change in their environment:

  • Gain their trust. Know what you’re doing, by being passionate about the medium, and where you want it to be.
  • This station, like any other, operates in it’s own mini-verse. Respect that. You are an outsider being welcomed into their family, their way, their world.
  • Remind them why they are there. Being in radio is a coveted role that many are gunning for. These broadcasters need to remind themselves daily why they are the talent that makes their listener’s world go round. They will be motivated to be better everyday knowing that they are the cream of their crop.
  • Revisit the basics. No matter how experienced the jock, they can always forget the basics.,
  • Build an open forum. Let this be a space where communication is re-established between management and staff, as well as staff to staff. Constructive criticism between station members is not only a way to gauge as to whether or not they listen to their own product, but are protective of their own brand.

That’s all for now.

Love and such from Lesotho.


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