Is it too late to start a career in radio?

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As of the launch date of this site and my company, Chris Jordan Media, earlier this year, I have received a great number of queries and engagements from people who seek assistance and the correct guidance regarding how to start building a career in radio.

As a result of all your messages, I have paraphrased a couple of the most frequently asked questions that have come through, and provided an answer to each that will help others out there reading this.

These questions will be featured in a five post series – this being the second in the series – so keep an eye on my Facebook page or blog over the next few weeks to make sure you don’t miss out on these tips to help you crack into the industry if it is your passion to do so!

So, is it too late to start a career in radio?

This depends on what it is that you want to do.

Age is relative to where you want to go and what it is that you want to do. Becoming a broadcaster for the first time at an age over 35 is not unheard of, but is slightly limited and more realistic if you want to join an online or community radio station (this being without any previous experience).

I say this because these two formats allow for members of the community that are representative of a certain target market or can provide and inform as an authority in a niche within the format.

Commercial radio takes many learning curves and justified experienced steps forward to achieve, and should be approached with the same realistic expectations.

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My book, A Word on Radio, provides more insights into a career in radio, and is available over here or via Amazon Kindle. Feel free to contact me for training bookings and consulting sessions over here.

In our next post, I will be tackling the popular topic: How do I go about getting exposure in the industry?

Until then, have a wonderful week.

– Chris

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  1. Hi- I am 53 and I want to get into broadcast journalism. Am I too old?I do have an BA in English and have written several articles that were published in my hometown paper.
    Just let me know what you think.
    Thank you for your time.

    -Randi Tindel

    1. Post

      Hi Randi

      Portfolio’s of great work are essential. Make sure if you haven’t had any articles recently published, that you continuously create and post new work on a blog site, almost like this, and show your diverse skill set that should tick off all the check boxes when applying to a more commercial media company. To enter broadcast journalism, you need to literally go around and at least cover community events in your area, record, cut and edit, then post on your socials to further grow your portfolio.
      Age does play a role in broadcasting yes, but within a craft subclass like journalism, we have many professionals that are of varied age lines. Quality and competency still overshadows youth.

      Good luck!

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