I don’t have a voice for radio, so what can I do?


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As of the launch date of this site and my company, Chris Jordan Media, earlier this year, I have received a great number of queries and engagements from people who seek assistance and the correct guidance regarding how to start building a career in radio.

As a result of all your messages, I have paraphrased a couple of the most frequently asked questions that have come through, and provided an answer to each that will help others out there reading this.

These questions are being featured in a five post series – this being the second last in the series – so keep an eye on my Facebook page or blog to see the others and gain some useful tips regarding starting a career in the broadcasting industry in 2018.

I don’t have a voice for radio, so what can I do?

Having a personality is what the ‘radio voice’ is all about these days.

When I started seeing the shift from the traditional radio voice to more personality-based radio, I saw what was a strong focus on the teaching of what personality shift you can make to make your voice better heard. It is part of your skill set to be able to speak clearly, enunciate and pronounce words, thoughts and dialogue with authority and professionalism – so don’t think that having a great personality discounts you from doing what is expected of you. But it is important.

I was mentored by one of our industry’s greats in voice coaching who told me that it was never my voice that was going to be the problem, but the way I controlled it through the confidence and commitment to my ‘radio hat’ that I would put on every day.

This meant finding the right part of my authentically ‘me’ personality that represented a radio professional within myself. It was great advice, and I happily pay it forward to others out there reading this.

Want to know more?

My book, A Word on Radio, provides more insights into a career in the broadcasting industry, and is available over here or via Amazon Kindle. Feel free to contact me for training bookings and consulting sessions over here.

In our final post of the series, I will be discussing a question that pops up with all people hoping to enter into the industry. Check back to the blog early next week to learn more.

Until then, have a wonderful rest of the week.

– Chris

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