A Word on Radio – Journey into the Nexus

Spending the past 3 years promoting, teaching from and building the “A Word on Radio” brand – I have been lucky enough to be hosted on a number of radio and television shows with regard to the growth and development of radio broadcasting as an academic and industry professional. 
One of the most enjoyable and recent interviews I was invited to join was from AWX Nexus, who run a very successful podcast series called “Release the Geek”. The aim is to chat to notables from all walks of life including comedians, engineers, psychologists and even, radio broadcasters. To “Geek” is to have an affinity for an alternate subculture, whatever it may be – mine being broadcasting. It did help that I am also an actual geek. I am a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Marvel fanboy, I have a “mancave” with all my collectibles, and I’m not showing any signs of giving up the child in me. Here is the link to this great podcast. Enjoy.
http://www.releasethegeek.net/blog/2017/2/15/episdoe-102-radio-broadcast-geekery-with-chris-jordanTo purchase your copy of “A Word on Radio” from Amazon/Kindle, follow the jump and get a start on your learning into the fanatical world of radio broadcasting 

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