A.I.R – Approach, Ingest, Relay: A presenter’s guide to content © by Chris Jordan and Stacey Norman

A.I.R – Approach, Ingest,
Relay:  A presenter’s guide to content ©
by Chris Jordan and Stacey Norman

Successful on air presenter Stacey Norman and I have come up with a
quick guide methodology to aid a broadcaster in adopting the correct attitude
towards building, buying into and bringing content to life.

It’s called the A.I.R. methodology.  We had been discussing the changing landscape
of radio in the country and where content was heading with the presenter at the
helm of its success or failure.

I am going to break it down into 3 chronological steps:

A:  Approach;

I:  Ingest;

R:  Relay.

Let’s have closer look.
A:  Approach

The first important step is changing your mind set on how you
approach the concept of content that ultimately holds your shows together.  Gone are the days when you pick up the first
thing you see as a headline on the front page of a newspaper or your Facebook
news feed, and regurgitate it directly to your listeners on air.

It should make your skin crawl to hear a broadcaster
literally read line by line an article of some sort in a link and consider that to be
successfully packaged content for someone listening on the other side of that
speaker.  Believe it or not, this still
happens.  And it happens often.

So your approach needs to change. 
“Approach” your content as a listener would.  Ask yourself the correct questions:

Is this content informative?

How does it apply to the largest
majority of the listening public?

Does it fulfill the criteria of
“entertaining” content?

Is it topical?

Is it time stamped?

Has this content been used before
(either at that time or is it seasonal content e.g. Valentine’s Day content)?

Can I stretch the content far
enough throughout the show so as not to make it boring?

How can I manipulate the content to
work for the time of day and who is listening at that time within the format of
the station (can I use an edit, do I spin off caller content or do I let it
live online)?

In what format am I going to
consume this content (video, audio, online)?

And most importantly…

Do I “buy into” the content?

Craft your approach differently to different content, and you
will never run out of ideas.

I: Ingest

The process of “ingesting” brings about the way in which we
consume content to the fore.  Consuming
content has become a fast paced, fickle process that any broadcaster needs to
apply constant focus on.

With the information age in full swing, you have to ask yourself

“Is what I’m doing on air enough to keep (1) my listener’s
attention and (2) compelling enough to keep it?”

An easy rule of thumb is checking your “buy in” to the
content.  In other words, are you even
interested in the content you are putting out on air?  Not only interested, but perhaps, do you

Understand it (technically, scientifically,
are the facts sound and true)?

Understand how it is relevant
within the context of your life and those that are listening to you?

Understand the relevance it has within
the context of your show?

Understand the context within the
format of the radio station?

Understand the context of its place
in the medium (would it live better on another platform)?

Understand HOW to convey the
content in the best way possible?

R:  Relay

The final step in the “A.I.R” © presenter’s guide is
“relaying” content.  This is a quick one,
but not so easy to always nail on the head, every time.  Even after accomplishing the first two steps
immaculately, content can always still fail at this crucial final stage.


Simple.  You have
forgotten the golden rule of radio.  Talk
TO someone, not AT someone.

This doesn’t only mean watching your conversational tone as
opposed to some robotic hard sell, but remember, being on air is almost exactly
the same as standing in a room full of people or across someone at table having
lunch – conveying information as part of your dialogue.

Accomplishing “buy in” of your content (whether it be as
newsreader, jock, journo etc.)

Gives you authority on the subject,

Changes your tone,

Allows you perspective and

Awards you an opinion on the

All of these are essential to relay content in the best
possible way.

Relaying content is executed as simply as possible.  “Keep It Simple Stupid” seems a bit harsh,
but true in all the 3 steps of the “A.I.R” © approach.  Simplicity is the key to effective
communication, and your foundation to creating compelling shows that will have
listeners tuning in over and over again.



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