Next Entertainment: Deadpool 2 Review

THE LOWDOWN Deadpool 2 is the second in the franchise and the 11th in the X-men film series. Directed by David Leitch, with some stellar scripting by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds (who also plays Deadpool in the film – the story revolves around now fully fledged mercenary Wade Wilson, trying to deal Read more about Next Entertainment: Deadpool 2 Review[…]

Next Entertainment: Pacific Rim Uprising Review

THE LOWDOWN In his directorial debut, Steven S. DeKnight with producer Guillermo Del Toro, bring you the second film in the Pacific Rim franchise. In 2035, ten years after the battle of the breach (also the setting for the first film), this movie follows Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, who makes a living selling Read more about Next Entertainment: Pacific Rim Uprising Review[…]

Next Entertainment: Rampage Review

THE LOWDOWN Directed by Brad Peyton, Rampage centres around genetically engineered animals that wreak havoc on the city of Chicago and the population alike when a rogue experiment ‘monstrifies’ a wolf, an alligator and George, an albino gorilla, as a result of a lethal mutagenic substance falling from space. Primatologist Davis Okeye (Dwayne Johnson), who Read more about Next Entertainment: Rampage Review[…]

Next Entertainment: Tomb Raider Review

THE LOWDOWN A reboot of the classic game Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is on her first adventure following her father’s footsteps, unbeknownst to her, as a tomb raider. The myth of a death queen, Himiko, turns into reality when her father goes missing and Lara refuses to accept his death. She stumbles upon a series Read more about Next Entertainment: Tomb Raider Review[…]

Next Entertainment: Ready Player One Review

THE LOWDOWN Ready Player One is set in 2045, where the human race has abandoned the desolate reality of their lives to escape into a virtual reality called the OASIS, each with their own avatar, identity and game goals. With the death of its co-founder, James “Anorak” Halliday – the playing public start vying for Read more about Next Entertainment: Ready Player One Review[…]

Next Entertainment: Justice League Review

THE LOW DOWN After the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday, Batman and Wonder Woman are faced with a new global danger – the arrival of supervillain Steppenwolf, who seeks to bring the ultimate weapon of power together and reclaim his dominion over all sects of the earth’s inhabitants. By that I mean, Read more about Next Entertainment: Justice League Review[…]

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