Next Entertainment Review – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

THE LOWDOWN This is the fifth instalment (but not likely last – they are planning a 3rd and final in the Jurassic World trilogy) in the American science fiction adventure film franchise Jurassic Park.  Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall are back at the producer’s helm, and it is directed by J.A. Bayona.  Set on the Read more about Next Entertainment Review – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[…]

3 Things I learnt from Stan Lee

On the 12th of November 2018 we lost a legend in Stanley Martin Lieber (1922 – 2018), at the age of 95.  His first big break was found in authoring a two-page Captain America Issue 5, published in 1941, where before he started his career in 1939 as a 17-year-old errand boy at Timely Comics. Read more about 3 Things I learnt from Stan Lee[…]

How to start a Radio Broadcasting Career with Kaya FM

Last week, I had a the pleasure of being invited to Joburg’s top Afropolitan station, Kaya FM 95.9. My group of radio students took a tour of the station and essentially had the full attention of the programming head, promotions department and news editor, all of which engaged in interesting conversations with them about the Read more about How to start a Radio Broadcasting Career with Kaya FM[…]

Next Entertainment: Deadpool 2 Review

THE LOWDOWN Deadpool 2 is the second in the franchise and the 11th in the X-men film series. Directed by David Leitch, with some stellar scripting by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds (who also plays Deadpool in the film – the story revolves around now fully fledged mercenary Wade Wilson, trying to deal Read more about Next Entertainment: Deadpool 2 Review[…]

Must Listen Podcast – My Father’s Son

Two years ago I had the honour of teaching a very talented student named Wanda. Not only did he display immense broadcasting talent, but he is an incredibly impressive youth. Today, you will see an example of why that is true.

He recently started a podcast series called “My Father’s Son“. I am sitting here not knowing what to write about this podcast to do it sufficient justice. I am beaming. In fact, being able to feel like as much as I believe in the talent of Wanda Sokutu, I feel like even that was an underestimation.

Wanda lost his father in 2017, and subsequently his mother the year after. I watched him go through one of the most difficult times in his life. But I am glad I am listening to this story. I wish we all had a series like this to know our friends and family better.

The podcast is detailed. It is created with care and attention. It is truly phenomenal, and I would love to take some kind of credit in his explosive success – but I can’t. This is all Wanda. And the podcast that deals with the tumultuous relationships between fathers and sons – is not just about that. It is deep and insightful. It’s inspirational. And so, so honest. And absolutely worth every listened to minute.

Please follow the series at

– Chris […]

TUKS FM – A Marketing Wrap Up. It’s About Now.

This month I was invited to give a short workshop to the talented marketing team at TUKS FM. TUKS FM is a community station that is well over three decades old (in fact close to four) and is known for its ingenuity and innovation as a strong radio player in the industry. Also, being home Read more about TUKS FM – A Marketing Wrap Up. It’s About Now.[…]

Listen Now: Discussing “The Art of Conversation” at ICON CGC ’18

I was lucky enough to be welcomed back as a panelist to ICON CGC this year. I was invited to speak on a specific topic, namely “The Art of Conversation”. The power of the spoken word in podcasting is now for everyone, including you. Creatives are everywhere. I encourage you to create a voiced almanac of Read more about Listen Now: Discussing “The Art of Conversation” at ICON CGC ’18[…]

Black, White And Everything In Between - A South African Comic with Jason Hes

Black, White and Everything In Between – Podcast with Jason Hes

I recently caught up with horror fiction author Jason Hes ahead of his appearance at Comic Con Africa, which is taking place from the 14th to the 16th of September. He’s a big deal. He’s won stuff. Have a listen to what we talked about and if you like what you hear, you can buy Read more about Black, White and Everything In Between – Podcast with Jason Hes[…]


Feedback from one of my students

Developing the youth remains a core focus for my business, and it is always great to get positive feedback about my work! I wanted to share a quick testimonial with you today, which reminded me why I love this industry. Watch this space: I’ll be working with more community stations in the months to come! Read more about Feedback from one of my students[…]

Next Entertainment: Pacific Rim Uprising Review

THE LOWDOWN In his directorial debut, Steven S. DeKnight with producer Guillermo Del Toro, bring you the second film in the Pacific Rim franchise. In 2035, ten years after the battle of the breach (also the setting for the first film), this movie follows Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, who makes a living selling Read more about Next Entertainment: Pacific Rim Uprising Review[…]

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